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Excellent service delivery

We have competent and qualified professionals with the required experience and knowledge in virtually major industries and areas of the law.

We provide qualitative services in the following areas :


We deliver legal services in Civil, property, criminal, and matrimonial causes in Nigeria.



We work closely with clients to proactively approach any situation, whether to successfully avoid litigation – reconciliation: timely legal advice; or serve as advocates in court or other proceedings by our team of young, dynamic and experienced learned colleagues.


b. Criminal

we represent you or your dependants, to prevent situations where there may be needless and avoidable convictions for charges, which may have wide range consequences on your future and family, or social-economic standing in the society.


Every criminal case requires ‘proof beyond reasonable doubt’; and no one is guilty until proven and pronounced so by a competent court. As such, to us- you are not a criminal; even when arrested, you have your rights, and your freedom should not be compromised. This is why we ‘ll always try to secure your bail where applicable; should you or any one close to you ever be arrested; and we then go further to give you legal representation.


No matter the nature and what is involved-civil, commercial or criminal- you don’t need to be at the mercy of your accusers, the court, and law enforcement officials. We ‘ll access each situation and have clear understanding of the allegation and legal issues, the possible consequences and what is at stake; and will keep our client’s goals as our goals.in the pursuit of each case.


Many people suffer unjustifiably for crimes they didn’t commit, and for punishments that is not merited; it’s our job not to let that happen to you. We strive to expose false allegations and get cases dismissed through diligent work. Where you’re the one affected, we also ensure your rights are also enforced, by taking necessary steps and give necessary legal advise to assert your rights


c. Matrimonial causes

Divorce situation and request is an area where we do not rush clients’ cases to court unless specifically demanded after due consultation, and where such marriage has broken down irretrievably as required under the relevant provisions.
We however provide wide range of marriage counseling and moral advice to save marriages from suffering untimely collapse, and to avoid the several marital pitfalls.


We have written and published literatures and book on marital conflicts and hints to enjoying marital bliss, which sells daily and are usually in high demand, depending on availability at every given time. Many people have benefited from this as well, and you can also request for a copy.


Always remember too, that we are also aware of the biblical saying that what God has joined together, let no one put asunder; and we also recognizes the fact that the word of God states categorically that- God hate divorce. We however also recognize your rights and choices that only you can make: this is why we apply caution, diligence, due care and necessary consideration for legislations, alongside your desired goals.


The goal is to find a strategy that will work most effectively to get the best outcome. You are unique, your family and domestic issues are unique, your case is unique too; and we know from experience that – what we do is best defined by the representation our clients get from us; the results we get, and the standard we are able to achieve. Where there are compelling reasons to proceed to file for any of the prayers in matrimonial causes, depending on the grounds, and the circumstances of each case, we ‘ll do just that; however, where alternative to litigation will serve the goal, this approach will be embraced.


Real Estate

We can help manage nearly all your interests relating to real estate from advise on your desires, transactions relating to buying and selling; investigating titles; purchase/price negotiations; lettings, leases and management; maintenance; eviction cases and notices; tittle deeds and registration. We can also help sell property within the shortest time possible with our local and international network and wide range of clients. And we may pay part or all of the purchase price for your property { advertised for sale } where affordable, depending on the circumstances of each case – to meet immediate and urgent personal, ceremonial, family or business needs.


We represent owners/landlords, families, developers; and we can represent clients at all stages and at all levels in wide varieties of real property matters and dealings- both locally and internationally.


We know the stress and complex situations that are involved and relating to real estate acquisitions, management, and other incidental headaches; but you need not worry; we are familiar with the intricacies too, and we are there and equipped to insulate you from those stresses and complexities.


We are committed to ensuring that tenants pay their rent on as-at-when due basis to meet your financial needs. However, where there is a delayed approval for payment, or where our established clients have urgent and immediate financial needs, we may pay part or all your rent in advance by ourselves, even long before the rent become due.


We have written and published a book on Land Acquisition, and Tenancy Made Easy, in the simplest of form and all purposes-useful for landlords, tenants, and legal practitioners in Nigeria.


Please note the followings:-

i.  We ensure that management of void properties is effectively carried out with all diligence, to minimize void rent loss and other costs; and to ensure void repairs and lettings are in line with standard Void Procedures.


ii.  We deliver an excellent Customer-Focused Property Management Services, including Tenancy and Estate   Management, Void Management, Rent Account Management, Arrears and Income Recovery.


iii. We take Ownership and Responsibility for the Recovery and Management of current and former rent arrears, up to and including Legal – Managing Repossession Action up to and including attendance at evictions


iv. We implement Effective Property Management Principles and Policies, including regular inspection and visits to each property; ensuring the property is maintained to a high standard.


v. We always deliver on agreed objectives and targets. We always Work efficiently and professionally, in a manner that deliver a high quality service to tenants and landlord; and within the limits of financial considerations that will ensure value for money


vi. We also Observe and promote Equality & Diversity Policies at all times.


Note specially that –

i. We let or sell most properties within the quickest time possible, thereby preventing accumulated loss of revenue due to the following factors:


ii. Most of our properties are sometimes not listed or advertised on our website, because we have a database with list of vetted and confirmed interested/potential tenants waiting for properties either to let or to buy which desires may match any property that may become vacant at most times.


iii. This may also be due to indication of interest by a number of tenants in any of our numerous properties – desiring change of location or size of property, whose character we already know over the years.


iv. It may also sometimes be due to the fact that we source much available potential, from several local agents and managers through our networking programs with other property managers and freelance real estate agents.


v. Other times, we also get ready people from recent newspaper advertisements made by us in the daily newspaper or our website or our To-Let-sign posts, upon which there are many people to have been considered as responsible potentials, out of whom one has been picked.


********Any of these or combination of them all – means that we can sell or let out your properties faster than many others, and secure highly responsible individuals at most times, due to our professionalism in investigating and verifying the status and information given; in addition to the opportunity of multiple choice to meet and suit your desires.


We also have the opportunity of members of staff who travel far and near to meet several of our clients and their associates abroad, with the mission to get them committed to buying your property when you commit same into our care.


Where there is none ready however, we embark on aggressive marketing and networking to ensure we procure a pool of decent and able tenant or buyers that will meet your desires within the shortest time possible; don’t forget also that, several people visit our website daily to signify their intention and request for properties for letting or to buy: or for any of our properties advertised thereon.


Are you a landlord, looking for a manager you can trust; and a firm whose abilities match your desires, then contact us, and we’ll satisfy you to the highest standard. Over 99.5% of our tenants pay their rent as-at-when due.


Remember too, that we can pay your rent/purchase money in advance, { in part or total} even before payment become due or when delayed, and without any interest, to enable you meet immediate or pressing needs.


Are you seeking a property to let or buy, you can also be assured of our commitment to satisfying your desires, same as we’ve done for several others over the years. With the combination of the factors above; coupled with the fact that we have a large number of properties and client base; added to our networking system and facilities- you can be sure we’ll meet your needs up to your highest desires.


There is no hiding cost; everything will be explained at the onset.


We are professionals, and take great delight in ensuring adequate verification of ownership and circumstances to avoid fraudulent representations if you desire to buy any property. We negotiate on your behalf; and also search for several options for you, to afford you the opportunity of choice.


We carry out our obligations to you, with the highest degree of professionalism, trust and sincerity. Many people abroad rely on us after several recommendations from those who have experienced our services without the usual tears, fraud and failures of misappropriation and falsehood.


You can even pay abroad into any of our UK accounts, once we have concluded the initial negotiations.


We also support out tenants who are not able to pay their rent at once, with negotiated payment plan; and sometimes, we pay your rent on your behalf to avoid eviction, while we let your landlord know when your rent will be paid to us in circumstances where personal commitments will affect your payment as well.


At Michael Bibilari & co – you have numerous ranges of opportunities.


Michael Bibilari & co – a name to trust and treasure.



We handle preparation and registration of confidential documents including -last will and testaments; and several other legal drafting including conveyances; letters; personal or business contracts document procurement and preparation; and also contract between individuals and corporate entities. We also represents clients in a broad spectrum of legal, commercial, corporate and real estate related matters.


We handle cases on tenancy related matters- from commencement of eviction processes, to representation in court, and also execution of judgment for all clients.


Are you a landlord seeking legal representation for eviction process or collection of rent arrears? We have recorded very high success rate for landlords in all matters due to the activities of highly experienced and reliable legal practitioners in the firm.


Are you a tenant facing eviction process? We also have remarkable results in defending tenants in possession related matters. Where there is need to respond to notice to quit on their behalf for effective resolution of issues, this will be done. Where we need to result to negotiation to resolve issues, this shall be done; and where there is need for court appearance in litigation on such matter, we ‘ll also give adequate representation.

Corporate Services

We help to carry out series of corporate services in areas which include -probate and trust administration, company incorporation and business registration. We are registered and experienced in specific deliveries that will ensure your services are delivered within the shortest time possible.

Immigration Services

We proactively address client’s immigration concerns.
 as a free support for our clients.


We advice, support, and assist in limited arrears and scope of your application. If any of these suits your immediate needs, and will serve your specific purpose, then don’t hesitate to solicit our support in discharging such services.


  1. Application– We help to evaluate your application and supporting document/s, in accordance with the relevant legal and statutory provisions; and where necessary, we make recommendation, and give required advise where necessary -to ensure you don’t submit an application that is bedeviled with myriads of problems even before it has been given critical assessment by the case worker.


Where there is no need to proceed with your application we’ll simply tell you. There is no point applying to travel if you don’t qualify for such Visa under the rules of the specific country; or where your circumstances contradicts such requirements. We strongly believe that if you have a sincere purpose, and put forward genuine application, supported by lawful and necessary documents and application, your chances of success are very high. Remember always- if you are destined to travel, you will: it should never be a matter of life and death; don’t make it a do or die affair.


  1. Appeal against refusal– In specific circumstances, we’re able to advice on       your appeal preparation, documentation, and submission where there is genuine and legitimate grounds to do so, in accordance with the rules guiding the particular refusing authority. It is your right to do so, however, where there is concrete reason/s to advise you against this, we’ll simply let you have the opportunity of a second opinion.


*** It should be strongly noted however, that we do not claim to represent any embassy; and certainly do not have an insider connection to manipulate or influence the decision-making process of the different areas and stages involved.


We also do not represent that any support or representation from us guarantees 100% success rate. Each case will be determined on its merit by the relevant authorities, and depending on series of circumstances and guiding policies at the time of application.


We’ll not attempt or support any attempt to fabricate any document on your behalf, and we could also not help to procure any illegal document; neither can we fabricate a non- existing document nor make any false representation in violation of any existing immigration rules and regulations.

We also cannot encourage or support any act of illegal entry or immigration; whatever assistance or support to be rendered by us will only be in strict compliance with the rules. depending on the peculiar circumstances of each case. However, from experience, we can help you avoid mistakes that could be avoided, and give reasonable advise. No more no less.

Project Management/Maintenance Services

There are numerous stages and processes involved in bringing a project to successful completion. We apply professionally certified project management approach to tackle complex maintenance, refurbishment, and building projects.


Be it new buildings, refurbishments or in the day-to-day repairs and maintenance services; we have internationally licensed project manager, who regulates, oversees, and co-ordinates the activities of several tradesmen and professionals, in executing all forms of project and repairs to ensure completion within time and budget, and in ensuring quality standard.


We are quite aware of the busy schedules of many of our clients; and also recognizes the fact that dealing with workers in building projects could sometimes be frustrating and demanding; but when we are there for you, you can rest in the assurance that you’ll get the effective and experienced representation that it requires.


Whether you are local or abroad, we ensure your project and finance disbursement is executed in an atmosphere of trustworthiness, honesty and professionally, thereby removing the usual fund diversions, non-availability of experienced laymen, and lack of quality standard.
We source local artisans from among highly recommended and regularly used plumbers, carpenters, bricklayers, painters, roofers, tillers and others- necessary in the discharge of your services; including only our service charge in minor repairs and refurbishments, to ensure that at the end of the day, you get better value for your money.


* Note however, because the number of accredited tradesmen and managers are limited, and because properties under our management takes priority, we can only guarantee limited number of clients at a time. If we are busy, we’ll simply inform you or schedule when your project could be handled effectively: and where we are not able, or outside our jurisdiction, we definitely will let you know.

Property Development

Real-Estate Development.
At Michael Bibilari & co, we deal with Real Estate Development either directly or in representative capacity on behalf of our clients. From renovation, refurbishing, re-lease and restructuring of existing properties; to the purchase of raw land, and the sale of improved land: We coordinates the activities, ensuring your ideas on paper, are transformed into real property at the lowest cost reasonable, and without the usual stress and concerns that associates with property developments and developers.


We help in the purchase of land; or in the documentation of existing land or landed property; we also carry out comprehensive assessment of possible cost, purpose and general issues relating to the planned development; we source for finance to execute real estate deals directly – where this is within our limit. Where the project exceeds our limit, we facilitate negotiation with independent and established development companies and financial institutions, where you will hold direct meeting with trusted developer or finance institution mutually approved; and to your satisfaction.



We help to monitor and also represent your interest, and where approved – monitor the progress of development on your behalf; and also engage in the letting process on behalf of the developer or finance institution, and our client- therefore ensuring fairness and justice.



We also help to build or have builders handle the projects, and also control and orchestrate the process of your development from the beginning to the end. Through recognized professionals, we help to develop the building program and design; and also obtain the necessary building approval and other related documentation. We thereafter procure funding and professionals to build the structure, and then actively take charge of the letting/lease process or sale.



We help to engage, monitor, supervise and draft contractual agreements with finance institution, architects, engineers, surveyors, contractors; roofers, builders, carpenters, designers, electricians, decorators, etc., to ensure your mind is at rest; depending on the nature, purpose, and the appropriate development team to be put together for an effective, efficient, cost effective, qualitative, and timely execution of each project.


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