About Us

About Michael Bibilari & Co

Who we are & what we stand for

If effective, professional, knowledge/experience based, cost effective -legal, real estate, and customer care service deliveries are what you seek, you’ve come to the right place.


We have attorneys, property managers, and customer care givers who will listen to your concerns; understand your needs and help craft a practical support solution to your concerns and needs; to ensure measurable returns for your trust in us: this is why performing in a cost-effective, timely manner, and goal getting are highly imperative in our service deliveries.


We have experience in several areas of legal services; and once you commit your legal, properties, immigration, and personal cares into our hands, from feedbacks and experience, the returns in results will keep you wondering why you didn’t find us sooner.


If you are looking for a partner in progress in your endeavors, and you’re committed to Godly virtues in the discharge of legal and lawful objectives, you’ve found a firm that share your commitments. We take great pride in playing a leadership role in helping many worthwhile causes.


If effectiveness, honesty, trustworthiness, integrity, justice, fair-play, profitability, humility in service provision; dedicated and hard working personnel; timely lettings and sales in real estate; coupled with prompt payments, in addition to unparalleled professional and knowledge based legal representation; and overall remarkable customer service – are what you are seeking in your endeavours; then you need not look any further, because in Michael Bibilari & Co, you‘ve found a firm that share same ideologies, values and principles.


The hallmark and quality of our practice are exemplified by exemplary achievements we’ve recorded over the years; the constant recommendations to others by our numerous clients; the goodwill of those we serve; and the practical knowledge we have gained from serving clients in the numerous sectors: and the remarkable results obtained for our clients in a manner that is consistent with their goals 
where others have failed, also speak volumes in our favours.
It doesn’t matter how big, or complex your briefs or worries are, at Michael Bibilari & co – in God we trust, and we always believe –it is well.

Our Values

At Michael Bibilari & co, the services we render to our clients, our behaviour, and the expectations we have for ourselves are propelled and guided by the core values we hold in the highest regard.


Expectations– we strive to provide services of the highest caliber on or ahead of schedule, on every assignment, on every occasion, and for every client; and we strive always to meet and exceed all expectations.


Serving the client– Understanding your needs is as important as understanding the law. We listen and understand your needs, what you want and your expectations.


Integrity– We are committed to the highest professional and ethical standards. Every client is crucial and important to us, however we would rather lose a client than compromise professional, ethical standards, and modus operandi.


Passion for excellence – We don’t encourage mediocrity in anything we do; this is why in all our services to all clients, we work toward maintaining and achieving the highest level of excellence.


Loyalty, trust and respect – We render sagacious multi-dimensional services to all clients in a wide varieties and aspects of human endeavours. The trust, commitment, and loyalty of those we serve, has been the pillar of our success story for years.


We value our clients and staffs. We treat each other with civility, respect, and courtesy; we expect no less from our clients, because respect is reciprocal; and mutual trust and loyalty help in business growth and solid relationship.


We care – When making challenging and difficult decisions, within the confines of the law and professional standard, we always ask ourselves-what is best for our client, this is because at Michael Bibilari & co ” we care”.


We value diversity and objectivity– emotions, ethnicity, sentiments, and favoritisms- have no place in our existence and service deliveries; because we operate always on merit, equity, equality, fair-play, good conscience and justice. We embrace professionalism and objectivity to the highest standard in everything we do.


We value each other as people and as colleagues. We always treat each other with civility, mutual respect, tolerance and sensitivity.


We value our collective identity as Michael Bibilari & co.– we are proud of the firm’s reputation and conscious of how it enhances and affects lives; and we’ll always maintain the integrity and the good name.


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